Point of Sale

Point Of Sale


Point of Sale suit of ERP Mangtaa is fully integrated with the Inventory & Stocks suit and Finance suit. It means that any transaction that you make with your Point Of Sale will automatically reflect your Inventory & Stocks and Finance management. Point Of Sale suit includes extra features such as customer service and creation of invoices, real time statistics and consolidations across all your counters without the hassle of integrating several applications.


Below is a graphical explanation of the processes included in the Suit.

autodealers workflow

(*) This chart represents the entire Sales function covered by ERP Mangtaa. Most processes are optional and not mandatory and may be switched off if not required.

Payments and Returns:

Payments and Returns

The touch screen capability and bar-code scanning functionality provide for an efficient, streamlined customer experience.

Controlled Access:

Controlled Access

Point of Sale has been engineered from the ground up to ensure that it has robust and easily manageable security features, giving you the peace of mind to focus on running the business.

Cash Management:

Cash Management

The Cash management function is tightly controlled with pre-defined daily cash-up routines.

Card Management:

Card Management

A customer card system fully integrated into the sales cycle enables you to increase your throughput at the point-of-sale due to speedy transaction authorization.

Uninterrupted service:

Uninterrupted service

The offline capability means the store can continue to operate even if the connection to the central server is lost. This result is uninterrupted customer service as real-time operations can still be delivered when and where they matter most.

Back office and Store management:

Back office and Store management

As the Point of Sale application is web-based it enables management reporting and functions to be performed anywhere from any web enabled device.




Few Reports included in the Suit.

Point of sale