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ERP MANGTAA ERP is a fully-integrated suite of industrial-strength manufacturing, accounting & distribution software applications with the features and capabilities that small to mid-sized manufacturers need to effectively and efficiently automate their operations. We call ERP MANGTAA ERP industrial-strength because it’s built on a very robust foundation of software technologies that won’t run out of gas on you, whether you need to add ten—or a hundred—more users.


ERP MANGTAA ERP is constantly being updated with the latest software features that manufacturing companies need to keep their businesses on the leading edge. Our customer-focused Feature Program lets customers help design valuable new features into ERP MANGTAA ERP that get rolled into the next release.


In addition to the long list of standard features ERP MANGTAA ERP has out-of-the-box, all software modules can be extensively tailored to meet almost any business need using our innovative Adaptable Applications Architecture and integrated Developer’s Toolkit. The result is a robust software applications suite with great functionality AND complete flexibility to support virtually any specialized business software requirements you may have, now or in the future.


ERP MANGTAA is Scalable


With ERP MANGTAA ERP, your business software keeps up with the needs of your growing business! The same software that runs a few users can scale to support hundreds of users with no changes to the software. And adding additional users or locations is inexpensive and easy to do.


With the high-performance Microsoft SQL Server relational database management system that ships standard with ERP MANGTAA, you can keep many years of business transactions and analytical data online. If you ever outgrow the SQL Express database, moving to Growth or Enterprise Editions, which provide virtually unlimited storage capacities, is simply a licensing upgrade requiring no physical software installation or changes whatsoever.


Want to start out simple and add more sophisticated functionality over time as you need it? ERP MANGTAA functionality is scalable too! Use the ERP MANGTAA modules you need now, and grow into others when you need them. Use ERP MANGTAA ERP’s Adaptable Applications Architecture to fit the software’s capabilities to exactly how you want to do business. ERP MANGTAA ERP can support workflows from simple to complex with the same underlying software.


ERP MANGTAA is the affordable industrial-strength manufacturing ERP software solution that’s proven to be scalable. One of our customers grew from approximately $20 million in revenues to over a $1 billion with over 200 ERP MANGTAA ERP software users online!


ERP MANGTAA is Reliable


MANGTAA ERP applications suite is a mature and rock-solid product that has proven itself over ten years of use in small and medium-sized companies. ERP MANGTAA ERP applications are industrial-strength solutions that are engineered to perform day-in and day-out with minimal maintenance and highest possible uptime.


The browser based technology that ERP MANGTAA ERP runs on has a reputation over the world in thousands of different types of applications for consistent performance in “mission-critical” deployments. It’s low cost and “lights off” performance characteristics make it the perfect choice for companies striving to control the costs and resource requirements of their core IT systems.


ERP MANGTAA ERP technology has run companies that have grown exponentially while using ERP MANGTAA ERP, and has scaled as needed to meet the high-performance needs that rapidly-growing businesses require. So whether you have ten users or several hundred, you can be secure in the knowledge that ERP MANGTAA ERP has proven its reliability and scalability in meeting similar performance requirements time and time again.


The ERP MANGTAA ERP server can be set up in a mirrored, easy-failover configuration where all transactions are backed up, and failover is automatic. Multiple levels of security can be set up to be as stringent as needed to meet virtually any security requirements.


Fourth Generation Software Solutions, the makers of ERP MANGTAA ERP, has been in business since 1993, and has helped hundreds of customers implement the advanced technology of the ERP MANGTAA ERP software, from the smallest to the most sophisticated. We’re confident that our highly-personalized and hands-on approach to helping our customers meet their back-office systems needs will help ensure your success, and that ERP MANGTAA ERP will be one of the best IT investments that your company ever makes!


ERP MANGTAA is Affordable


ERP MANGTAA represents a true breakthrough in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
for industrial-strength ERP software by offering a complete, proven software solution, including a world-class SQL relational database, for a small fraction of what top competitors’ packages cost!


And savings don’t stop with your initial purchase, but continue over the life of your ERP MANGTAA ERP system. By delivering substantially lower ongoing costs and flexible support services, ERP MANGTAA ERP continues to cost a lot less than competitive solutions do for as long as you own it.


When you add up the costs for competitive systems with similar capabilities, you’ll soon discover that ERP MANGTAA ERP costs just a fraction of what these competitive solutions cost when you consider their software, database, “infrastructure” and all you’ll need to use them–both initially and over their lifetime. ERP MANGTAA ERP leverages the low cost and proven reliability of the windows operating system, combined with the Windows client PCs you’re used to using for other applications, to deliver a complete, comprehensive manufacturing, accounting and distribution ERP solution at a remarkably low cost.


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