FMCG Packaged Goods

FMCG & Packaged Goods

FMCG & Packaged Goods suit of ERP Mangtaa is designed to take care of the special requirements of the FMCG and Packaged Goods business – manufacturers, traders, distributors, sub-distributors, C&F Agents etc. It is the only software tailored for the business and offers tremendous value to users.

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Multiple Businesses Management.
  • Multiple units of stock handling.
  • Multiple companies
  • Promo Schemes.
  • Display Schemes.
  • Coupon Schemes.

  • Retail Performance.
  • Load Charts with Delivery Instructions.
  • Van Sales/Ready Stock.
  • Salesmen Productivity.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Online or Offline billing simultaneous.

  • Sales Monitoring Reports.
  • Off take Reporting.
  • Sales Category Penetration Reports.
  • Targets Vs Achievements.
  • Routes for billing, collection, dispatches etc.
  • Last Year Current Year Comparison Reports.

Electronic & Appliances

ERP Mangtaa team believes that flexibility is required to thrive in the electronics, semiconductor, and electrical equipment business. Electronics and electronics-related manufacturers have historically had a challenge finding ERP software that meets their special business requirements. Amid a global, increasingly regulated and competitive landscape, and customers’ changing demands, you must stay one step ahead in terms of product innovation quality, manufacturing costs, and on-time deliveries. From serial number tracking at multiple levels within finished goods and sub-assemblies, to traceability, warranty and RMA tracking, to regulatory compliance requirements and other concerns, automating the typical electronics manufacturing operation presents challenges that most ERP packages do not adequately address out-of-the-box. ERP Mangtaa for the electronics and Appliances industries can help you adapt quickly and maintain market leadership. ERP Mangtaa integrates seamlessly into your existing technology infrastructure.


ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

Medical Health Care

  • Accounting.
  • Inventory.
  • Purchasing.
  • Order processing.

  • Quality Management.
  • Document Management.
  • Bar Code support.
  • Warranty Tracking.

  • Manufacturing processes.
  • Deep Serial Number Tracking.
  • Approved Vendor Lists.
  • Outsourced Manufacturing.

  • Customer Credit Management.


Pharmaceutical Industry

ERP Mangtaa robust and complete than any other ERP solution on the market which eliminates the need for bolting together solutions from different software publishers so common in today’s market. ERP Mangtaa is easy to learn, straight forward to implement, and by far the best value available, serving a large segment of Pharmaceutical market it is most effective way to identify and track every single raw material from receipt through processing, packaging and shipping, to the exact customer location, it can effortlessly track lot properties while optimizing and improving other business processes like batch production, sales functions, inventory control, purchasing, quality assurance, accounting and financials, regulatory reporting.

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Advanced Accounting.
  • Customized Workflow.
  • Warehouse Management.
  • Distribution Management.
  • Manufacturing management.

  • Manufacture Resource Planning.
  • Medical Representative Module.
  • Formulation Management.
  • Plant Maintenance.
  • Batch Process Record.

  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting.
  • Sales & Distribution Management.

Textile Industry

ERP Mangtaa provides software-centric solutions to customers in the enterprise computing space to most of Textile Industries and Business Applications vendors do not leverage from the benefits of Web. ERP Mangtaa has provided solutions to group of companies and many other companies in the textile industry has helped gain a deep understanding of the challenges you face. You can use ERP Mangtaa on Cloud, with its built-in best practices and comprehensive functionality, to not just manage your business smoothly but also to innovate, grow and please your customers at every opportunity.


ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Materials.
  • Engineering.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Generate stock ledgers.

  • Production Planning.
  • Quality Control.
  • Test Certificates.
  • Distribution Planning.

  • Finished Goods Inventory.
  • Depot Inventory.
  • Sales.
  • Process Sales Orders.

  • Process Request for Quotations.
  • Material Requirement Planning.

Consumable Durables

Consumable & Durables

Consumable & Durables suit of ERP Mangtaa is an ultimate solution for consumer goods which goes beyond traditional enterprise resource planning to provide financial management, product management, customer relationship management, supply chain management and many more. Consumable & Durables suit of ERP Mangtaa is capable of delivering a single, real-time view of data from multiple departments, Enhance communications within and between departments; it can collaborate more effectively with partners and suppliers, Optimize inventory levels and create perfect orders and many more. With Consumable & Durables suit of ERP Mangtaa you can expect improvements in efficiency, flexibility and overall visibility, resulting in more effective business management.

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Financial management.
  • Product management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Supply chain management.
  • Assets management planning.
  • Business forecasting.

  • Integrate RFID or barcode.
  • Monitor supply network.
  • Support promotional pricing changes
  • Build customer satisfaction.
  • Mining in market data.
  • Rapid delivery Management.

  • Improve existing products.
  • Manage finished goods.
  • Export Management.
  • Business analytics.
  • Promote Brand management.

News Print Industry

News and Print Suit of ERP Mangtaa is is specially customized to meet the specifications of print media industry and can help you simplify your entire business operations, it handles complete circulation and subscription business processes and delivery, agent dispatch management and billing, handles multiple order types for the agents. Moreover completely customized report generation capability on various business modules. It has low implementation time without any compromise on quality.

Publishing and managing newspaper circulation has never been so easy. ERP Mangtaa is a complete solution to address the needs of a newspaper business. News and print suit of ERP Mangtaa is specially designed for newspaper industry to fulfill their industry needs and help overcome the major challenges like handling agents, authorizing content, circulation management, subscription management, generating reports and many more.

News Print Industry

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Circulation and Subscription.
  • Advertisement Management.
  • Editorial Management.

  • General Finance.
  • Inventory and Purchasing.
  • Taxation.

  • HRMS.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Business modules further leads.

Chemicals Fertilizers

Chemicals & Fertilizers

ERP Mangtaa is now becoming a key component for companies to integrate their entire business processes. Chemical and Fertilizer industry need enterprise system to streamline their business process. To survive in highly competitive business environments, companies have to continuously change their business processes. With the help of ERP Mangtaa you meet the pressure to stay competitive and stay in compliance with an increasing array of regulatory requirements. ERP Mangtaa provides manufacturers in chemical and fertilizers industry-specific solution to manage your most elaborate business processes and stringent requirements and compliance with regulatory requirements is a business-critical need that must be maintained. ERP Mangtaa offers embedded functionality to maintain audit trails, digital electronic signatures, document signatures, validation scripts and security safeguards.


ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Sales plan.
  • Sales Conformation.
  • Material Requirement Planning.
  • Purchase Order Process.
  • Material Procurement process.

  • Quality Testing.
  • Approvals & Rejections.
  • Rejected materials returning process.
  • Stores and production management.
  • Production Process.

  • Dispatching management.
  • Deep Serial Number Tracking.
  • Financial Accounting Management.
  • HRMS and Payroll.
  • Compliances.

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery and Equipment Suit of ERP Mangtaa is focused on engineering units whose requirements depend on the other industries. Machinery and Equipment Suit is envisaged for manufacturers require solutions which allow costs to be tightly controlled, track products through the manufacturing process and along the supply chain permit communication and collaboration with critical suppliers and customers, support rapid time-to-market for new products, manage orders and inventory in order to adopt Lean manufacturing principles.

The industrial equipment and machinery industry struggles with complex engineering requirements and a need to tightly track and control capital expenditures. ERP Mangtaa offers small and medium machinery and equipment manufacturers a comprehensive range of technology solutions at a competitive cost point and in support of lean manufacturing:

Machinery Equipment


ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Financials.
  • Demand forecasting.
  • Electronic Data Interchange.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)

  • Online product configurations
  • Consignment inventory
  • Planning and Scheduling.
  • Supply Chain Management.
  • Full traceability.

  • Quality Control.
  • Automatic scheduling.
  • Engineering Change Control.
  • Factory Scheduling.
  • Assets Register.

Wholesale Suppliers Distributors

Wholesale Suppliers & Distributors

Wholesale Suppliers & Distributors suit of ERP Mangtaa helps organizations provide flexibility and choice to customers. The automation of warehouse processes help reduce operational costs which can be translated into lower prices for customers. Features include: easily configurable put away and picking workflows, advanced cycle counting and location replenishment capabilities, support of cluster picking, warehouse handheld device support, and support for different picking strategies for batch and non-batch items. Transportation Management System (TMS) that flexibly supports changing and growing business demands. TMS helps our customers deliver the right customer experience with out of the box capabilities to help meet and exceed customer expectations.

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Load building.
  • Shipment consolidation.
  • Driver check-in/check-out.
  • Driver log management.
  • Multi-shipment loads.
  • Strong inventory management.
  • Distribution requirements planning (DRP).

  • Inbound/outbound shipments.
  • Customer constraints.
  • Bar-coding and RFID.
  • Warehouse management system.
  • Toll charges.
  • Ad hoc reporting.
  • Reconcile freight automatically or manually.

  • Advanced shipping notices.
  • Fuel prices (by state, country/region).
  • Flexible order entry and change order management.
  • Multi-mode and multi-segment planning and execution.

Medical & Health Care

Medical and Healthcare Suit of ERP Mangtaa allows you to manage expanding caseloads, monitor delivery of care, and track client, patient, and program outcomes—whether in the office or in the field. You can empower your employees to be more proactive, while gaining the visibility and accountability your patients and clients demand. Medical and Healthcare Suit of ERP Mangtaa helps health organizations at all levels, including healthcare providers, health and human services, and health plans.

Medical and Healthcare Suit of ERP Mangtaa offers flexible business solutions that can be tailored to meet your health organization’s unique needs now and in the future. The flexible solutions can bridge the gap between your EMR and other systems to help connect information, people, and processes across the care continuum. They complement a health organization’s EMR with familiar, easy-to-use tools that health professionals and patients can use from anywhere to help improve.

Medical Health Care

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:

  • Patient relationship management.
  • Service center management.
  • Case management.
  • Physician relationship management.
  • Population health management.
  • Platform interoperability.

  • Eligibility solutions.
  • Interactive dashboard and visual analytics.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Comprehensive business intelligence.
  • Fund accounting and budget control.
  • Finance and administration.

  • Human resources and operations management.
  • Platform security and customization.
  • User experience and workflow Mobility over multiple devices.



Education Suit of ERP Mangtaa is an integrated solutions built to help your organization gain deeper insight into corporate and alumni relations, admissions and enrollment, facilities and asset management, recruiting and staffing, student and teacher performance, and more. As a result, you can use this insight to adjust business processes and to modernize legacy systems to help lower costs and improve productivity for better measurement and outcomes. Solutions for education built on ERP Mangtaa provide the flexibility of deployment choice on-premises or in the cloud to transform the future.

ERP Mangtaa includes fully integrated modules:


  • Improve reporting and accountability.
  • Enhance organization and constituent insight.
  • Ease IT development and support.