Business Re-Engineering

Business Re-Engineering (BPR):


We perform Business Reengineering based on evaluation or rethinking of a company’s current processes, identifying potential inefficiencies, drafting a strategy for improvements, and change over to those improvements.

The process provides us an opportunity to improve customer service, streamline operations, improve delivery and speed, lower costs, and increase profits. When accomplished in conjunction with the implementation of ERP Mangtaa, “Change Management” becomes a reality for dynamic companies.

We start through an assessment of an organizations’ mission, goals and customer needs. Reengineering will then focus on the steps and procedures that determine how resources are allocated to create products and services. Often, dramatic improvements are achieved when a process is found to be inefficient, outdated, or redundant.


Business Re-engineering success factors include many elements:


  • BPR Team.
  • Needs Analysis.
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Organizational Change
  • Continuous Improvement


ERP Mangtaa team will interview key members of the management team and employees from different departments to document your business processes. Our goal is to understand job functions, as well as challenges that exist.

Once we understand how all departments operate, we can help identify inefficient and redundant processes. Working with your team, we will then provide a Summary of Findings that will make recommendations on business and technology improvements.

ERP Mangtaa team then will make sure that your team informed and involve through the entire process and ensure that your BPR is a success. Your BPR can take place in Conjunction with implementation of your new ERP system, and lead to your firm becoming more efficient, and more profitable.

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