Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Assets Management


Fixed Assets Management Suit of ERP Mangtaa provides you with an easy-to-manage, single version of the truth for your fixed assets. Fixed Assets Management Suit enables you to maintain and control the complete lifecycle across depreciating or non-depreciating assets from creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal. Fixed Assets Management Suit supports detailed asset management, including maintenance schedules and insurance, while providing tight accounting integration so that your fixed asset information is always presented accurately on the financial statements.
Knowing your exact asset location and value can help you plan more effectively for your capital purchases and disposals. Managing assets, minimizing tax and planning for future capital investments or disposal are major tasks of an asset managing organization. Gain complete visibility into your fixed assets and depreciation calculations so you can create accurate financial reports, maximize tax benefits, and meet compliance requirements


Below is a graphical explanation of the processes included in the Suit.

workflow Fixed Assets Management

This chart represents the entire Fixed Assets Management Suit covered by ERP Mangtaa.

Multiple asset types:

Multiple asset types

Manage multiple property types including owned property, leases, rentals, and granted property. Track assets that are leased or rented to others.


Fixed asset tools:

Fixed asset tools

Asset manipulation tools let you make mass changes to several fixed assets at once. These tools include processing depreciation schedules, releasing fixed asset transactions, converting purchases to fixed assets, and generating fixed asset calendars.


Customized calendars:

Customized calendars

Create different calendars for each depreciation book so you can match IRS reporting periods as well as internal reporting requirements.


Purchase order integration:

Purchase order integration

Convert purchases into fixed assets without re-entering data. Eligible purchases are automatically displayed to simplify the conversion process. Batch processing allows conversion of multiple assets at a time.




Few Reports included in the Suit.

Fixed assets management