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Human Resource:


Human Resource suit in ERP Mangtaa has a set of rich features and integrates seamlessly with other suits of ERP Mangtaa. Suit offers you wide solutions for HR department making it possible for other department to access specific employee data. The HR modules covers all the function required in business practice and is flexible enough to optimize the business processes by configuring to suit customer’s requirement. Suite is designed to facilitate HR operations by reducing time-intensive administrative tasks and lowering costs by deploying self-service applications.


Below is a graphical explanation of the processes included in the Suit.

workflow Human Resource

This chart represents the entire HR function covered by ERP Mangtaa. Most processes are optional and not mandatory and may be switched off if not required.

Core HR:

Core HR

  • Benefits administration:
     This module manages employee benefits such as paid time off, medical/dental/life insurance policies and many more.

  • Personnel tracking: 
    This module centralizes employee data, such as contact information, past employment and demographic information.

  • Payroll: 
    Tracks employee salaries, bonuses, health and other deductions, calculates withholding for taxes, and cuts paychecks, integration for direct deposit.


Workforce management:

Workforce Management

  • Time and Attendance. 
    Helps staff track employee attendance and absences, and enables employees to clock in and out. Many solutions also track accrual and usage of sick days and PTO. Rules-based engines provide alerts when employees miss or perform established amounts of work.

  • Employee Scheduling. 
    Module provides functionality for scheduling employee shifts and attendance to ensure compliance with staffing needs. Systems can schedule employees across departments, locations and projects, and provide alerts to employees when schedules change and when staffing levels are inadequate.


Strategic HR:

Stretegic HR

  • Applicant tracking System. 
    Provides a centralized database that lets recruiters store applicant information and employment applications throughout the application process. Features include candidate tracking, applicant status monitoring and direct integration with other HR applications, perform background checks.

  • Learning management. 
    This module establishes a centralized hub to monitor new employee training and the ongoing skills development of existing employees. Features include content authoring and management, curriculum and certification path definition, testing and reporting.

  • Performance review functionality. 
    This module offers a centralized system where supervisors can conduct and track reviews with employees. Additional features such as performance measuring, tracking and goal management.


Core HR, workforce management and strategic HR functions often overlap. While there are best-of-breed solutions for individual functions in each category, there are also integrated suites boasting across-the-board functionality.




Few Reports included in the Suit.

Human resource