Testing and Training

Testing and Training:


Each new installation is assigned a Trainer to guide them through every step before going live with ERP Mangtaa. Your trainer will be an experienced professional with years of industry and corporate knowledge plus the benefit of having installed systems for contractors just like you many times over. Your trainer’s objective will be not only to implement a new software system, but to help you improve your business along the way.

ERP Mangtaa Training will follow:


  • On-site Training.
  • Go-Live Training.
  • Month-end closing.
  • Training Guides.
  • Feature Guides.
  • E-Learning modules.
  • Webinars.
  • Feature demos.
  • Ongoing Training & Refresher Sessions.


However our training programs can be designed to suit your system and procedures. Training needs assessment, application socialization and impact analysis, user acceptance training, and end user training are all available.
We ensure that course content and structures meet your requirements; whether the training is in conjunction with a new system implementation, part of the delivery plan for additional client projects, or to address end-user knowledge gaps. We can deliver training on site, at one of our training facilities or through webinars and e-learning programs.


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